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CADILLAC Automatic Transmission Repair Manuals

Download Manuals to Repair CADILLAC Automatic Transmissions
Free download Manuals to Repair Automatic Transmissions of CADILLAC vehicles, if you are a mechanic or have a workshop to repair Automatic Boxes for CADILLAC brand cars, you have come to the perfect place where you can download for free in PDF format the Manuals for the transmission models used in CADILLAC cars.

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Manuals to Repair Automatic Transmission Cars CADILLAC

Manuals to Repair Automatic Transmissions of Cadillac Cars
Manuals to Repair Automatic Transmissions of Cadillac Cars

With these workshop manuals for cars with CADILLAC gearboxes, you will be able to find the solution to all the faults that are occurring, you will know step by step what you have to check, as well as if it is necessary to replace any part of the transmission.

It is important that you follow the guide to disassemble the transmission correctly, with the manuals you will know the entire assembly of the gearbox with the diagrams.

You will have at hand important and very specific information to repair the CADILLAC automatic gearbox, since you will know the exact tightening torque of each screw, as well as the correct way to disassemble it.

Download CADILLAC Automatic Boxes Manuals

Download the manual for the transmission model your CADILLAC car has, if you don't know what type of transmission your car has, we recommend consulting the user manual for CADILLAC cars, CADILLAC car workshop manuals or Auto Parts Catalogs for CADILLAC cars which you can also download here on our blog.

Automatic Transmission Manuals for CADILLAC Cars in PDF



CADILLAC Car Models with Automatic Transmission

CADILLAC Automatic Gearbox Repair Manuals
CADILLAC Automatic Gearbox Repair Manuals

Most CADILLAC car models have an automatic transmission, although there are vehicles with a manual gearbox, the most equipped and top of the range will always have an Automatic Transmission.

The following CADILLAC car models are those that have Automatic Transmission and that may present some faults such as those mentioned above: ATS, CTS, XT4, XT5, XTS,CT6, ESCALADE

CADILLAC Automatic Transmission Malfunction Symptoms

Repair Faults in a CADILLAC Automatic Transmission
Repair Faults in a CADILLAC Automatic Transmission

Below we show you what are the symptoms of the failures that the CADILLAC automatic transmission begins to present:

  • The first symptoms that there is a fault in the CADILLAC automatic gearbox are that the car starts to make changes when it should not or does not make them at all.
  • The car revs excessively and it does not go to the next gear (a control unit is responsible for this), or it remains in a very high gear and does not reduce. In this case, a red warning light will light up on the instrument panel indicating the failure of the automatic transmission or a yellow gear. This occurs when the oil begins to get dirty and the valve box (also called Mechatronic) gets stuck, a fairly common breakage in automatic gearboxes.
  • CADILLAC automatic transmission starts to kick, that is to say; When you make the automatic change from one speed to another you will feel as if you are hitting metal and you will feel the car jerking.
  • Feeling the change of speed The transmission has slippage in all gears.
  • Poor acceleration at low speeds.
  • The box does not change gears.
  • It does not change speed and is neutralized.

If your CADILLAC car begins to have any previous breakdown, you need to check the gearbox immediately since failure to do so will cause other car systems to begin to fail.

Advantages of a CADILLAC automatic transmission vs manual transmission

Automatic transmission vehicles do not require the driver to shift gears because the transmission is modified to do so on its own, so the driver can relax more or pay more attention to the road ahead.

Advantages of an Automatic Transmission over a Standard
Advantages of an Automatic Transmission over a Standard

The advantages of the automatic transmission over a manual or standard transmission include the following:

  1. A more relaxed trip.
    A car with a manual transmission is demanding. You have to press the brake, the clutch, the accelerator and everything at the same time. Ah! and you need to use both feet. Besides, the biggest advantage of an automatic car is that you (the driver) you do not execute the speed changes, the box does it by itself.
  2. You pay more attention on the road.
    Being more relaxed behind the wheel, you have time to be a better driver and pay more attention to the road.
  3. It won't turn off suddenly.
    Automatic transmission cars they don't stand still When making speed changes, they will continue to exercise their function of moving forward until the driver decides otherwise. Also, it is worth mentioning that your automatic vehicle will be easier and less tiring to drive in cities with high hills or heavy traffic.
  4. They are safer.
    A standard car requires a lot of skill and dexterity behind the wheel and if a driver is very nervous or inexperienced, it could cause a car accident. In fact, today there are already many people who do not know how to drive cars with manual transmission.
  5. They improve the performance of the vehicle.
    This transmission makes the speed changes on its own, Does not rev the engine more if it is not necessary and it ends quickly if you demand it.

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