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Spanish teacher Olivia has asked the 3rd grade group to develop a project on a Mexican literary movement of the XNUMXth century.

The team made up of Rubén, Rebeca, Ángel and Ana decided to search the Internet for information about Mexican writers of the 68th century who were part of the movement known as “The Saga of 1968” and this is what they found: The great upheaval of Mexican society , as a consequence of the student movement of XNUMX, coincided with the flourishing of new authors, trends and currents. The narrators of this period are characterized by their creative freedom, the lack of roots with the past, the affiliation to the most avant-garde trends and the breaking of all molds.

Each new generation, in increasing intensity, is being able to surpass its predecessor in originality, brilliance and even aggressiveness. Francisco Tario (1911-1977), Jorge López Páez (1922- ), Elena Garro, Rosario Castellanos and Ricardo Garibay, have been followed by Salvador Elizondo, Juan García Ponce, José Emilio Pacheco, Vicente Leñero, Sergio Pitol and Fernando del Paso.

The poetry of these years, encouraged and supported by Paz, has found its most complete anthological expression in Poetry in Motion, with a prologue by Paz (1915-1966), but it has a spectacular flourishing following. Eduardo Lizalde, Jaime Sabines and Gerardo Deniz are names that are essential in any reference today. And yet, the list remains open. In social poetry, verse intentionally approaches prose, and sometimes parody.

There is an undeniable anecdotal charge, the images assault the intellect and the ideas are contrasted, to denounce the paradox of the times. In narrative, the so-called “68 saga” has given way to the multiplication of literary exercises of all kinds, in an open struggle between renewed realism and unlimited fantasy.

All the themes of Mexico, those that have been present in its two-century development, return to the foreground and are dressed and seen with different clothes and looks. Today, Mexican narrative has managed to occupy an everlasting place in world literature.

Encarta Encyclopedia (Adaptation from
LINK 2022)