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FREE Study Guides Download PDF from All Educational Institutions

PDF Study Guides FREE Download from All Educational Institutions
 FREE Study Guides, in this section we share all the Study Guides of all levels of study, from Primary, Secondary, High School, which will help you prepare in a specific subject and also so that you can present any of the Admission exams and be able to enter an educational institution at the high school or high school level as well as at a higher level or bachelor's degree.

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Download Free Study Guides

In this post you will get all the Study Guides so you can prepare before presenting any admission Test and achieve the best results.

These Guides will provide you with information, recommendations and strategies that we hope will be useful to you for this purpose.


Study Guides for Primary level of all grades
Download Primary Level Study Guides for all Grades

In this section you can download all the primary level guides from 1st to 6th grade, each and every one of them contains the specific topics that the official program proposes for this level of studies.




Study Guides for Secondary level for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade
Download Secondary Level Study Guides for all Grades

Below you will have access to the secondary level Study Guides that you can download completely free, some are for the study of a specific subject, some others are to encompass all the secondary topics that must be taught according to the national educational program.





Study Guides Upper Secondary Level
Study Guides for admission to the Baccalaureate Level


COMIPEMS – Study Guides

Download COMIPEMS Study Guides in PDF for free


The following COMIPEMS 2024 Study Guide It will help you prepare if you are going to present the COMIPEMS selection exam.

You can also download it for free, they include access to COMIPEMS mock exams which you can apply to evaluate the level of your knowledge.


Free Study Guides COMIPEMS 2024
Free Study Guides COMIPEMS 2024




Higher Level Study Guides
Study Guides for Entry to Bachelor's Level


IPN – Study Guides National Polytechnic Institute



With this IPN 2023 Study Guide for Admission to the Higher Level We seek to provide you with a useful tool to support you in this stage of your academic project with essential information such as the areas and topics of study, exercises and practice exams, the higher level educational offering, among other important information for this process.

Free IPN Study Guides 2023
Free IPN Study Guides 2023


FREE Study Guides UNAM 2024
FREE Study Guides UNAM 2024


In the National Autonomous University of Mexico, admission to undergraduate studies is determined by the performance shown by applicants in the selection exam.

The importance of consulting, resolving and knowing the UNAM Study Guide 2024 Higher level It is vitally important so that you can obtain the best results.


FREE Study Guides UNAM 2024 FREE
FREE Study Guides UNAM 2024 FREE



Free Study Guides UAM 2023
Free Study Guides UAM 2023


These UAM Study Guides 2023 They are prepared with two main objectives: First of all, that if you want to enter the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) you know the general process of the selection exam, and second, so that you can review your knowledge and prepare to take the exam with a greater chance of success.


FREE Study Guides UAM 2023
FREE Study Guides UAM 2023



What are study guides and what are they for?

An study guide is a tool that makes learning easier for you of a specific subject or topic and for this, concept maps, diagrams, tables are used... The techniques vary based on the needs of each individual.

Therefore, the Study guides must be developed with a personalized strategy.

Using this technique, learning becomes autonomous and independent. This study method will allow you to get to the exam without stress, developing an effective study plan, which consists of organizing essential information and outlining it.

In the educational field There are not only study guides, we also found motivational guides that can be of great help to the student and learning guides prepared by teachers to monitor classes.

Furthermore, we can talk about the synthesis guides which consist of creating a list with all the concepts that have been learned in classes.

Exam Simulators for Any Educational Institution

Continue preparing for your admission exam and answer any of the exam simulators that we share with you below are totally free:

Links to official pages of the institutions