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COMIPEMS 2024 Mock Exams with 128 Reagents like the Original FREE

Resuleve Examene Simulacro COMIPEMS 2024
Welcome to the COMIPEMS Mock ExamsIn this exam you will be able to evaluate the knowledge you have in general. COMIPEMS type exams 2024 It is made up of 128 questions same as the original and include all subjects.

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COMIPEMS 2024 exams


COMIPEMS 2024 Simulation Exams

Before answering the COMIPEMS mock exam which has 128 questions, we recommend that you first answer the different comipems exam simulators per subject, each of them has reagents with the topics that are included in the original exam, so in this way you can first evaluate how much knowledge you have of each subject.

COMIPEMS Mock Exams by Subject




If you have already done all the comipems mock exams separately from each subject we now recommend you answer this comipems simulator exam pilot, Every time you start it you will have to answer 128 different questions, This way you can evaluate yourself as many times as you want and know how you are improving and thus be more prepared when you have to take the Original Exam in the Month of June.




Before Answering COMIPEMS 2024 SIMULATORS

When answering this COMIPEMS 2024 solved example exam You will be able to evaluate yourself completely to know how much knowledge you have in the different subjects that are included in the exam.

Although you will be able to know all the answers to the questions, we recommend that you first evaluate yourself, if you are wrong, continue to the next question until you finish the exam.

Check and know in which subjects you need to study the topics more, this way you will know which subject you will have to dedicate more time to to know all the topics of each one.

mock exams comipems 2023
simulation exams comipems 2024

Tips that you should take into account before starting the comipems 2024 simulation exams

Think that you are already in the COMIPEMS selection exam and follow the following suggestions:

  • Read the instructions carefully, not by answering quickly will you miss certain observations.
  • Control the time during the exam,
  • Change position to relax, if you can't concentrate you can try shaking your head this will allow your brain to wake up.
  • If your mind goes blank, skip the question and continue, remember that you can do so since the exam is designed to go back to previous questions or change answers.
  • Don't give way to nerves if other students start handing in their exams. There is no prize for submitting it first, the goal is to submit a well done exam, take your time.
  • And whenever you find yourself tense and nervous during the exam, breathe slowly and deeply three times, this oxygenates your brain and will help you relax, concentrate and continue.


Free COMIPEMS Simulation Exams



COMIPEMS 2024 ORIGINAL test exams

Let's start evaluating yourself, remember that in the original exam you will have 3 hours to answer all the questions.

If in this exam you achieve between 85 to 95 correct answers out of the 128 questions you must answer, rest assured that you will be staying within your first 3 options that you selected.




COMIPEMS Exam Simulator

final match.
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When starting the exam You will have the time included in the Original 3-hour exam. to answer it, We recommend that you start it when you are ready and have this time so as not to leave it unfinished.

The Exam has 128 questions from all Subjects such as  Original COMIPEMS Exam that you will present in June.

Time Has Run Out to Answer the Exam.

COMIPEMS Mock Exam 2024

At the end of this exam you will have a clear idea of ​​knowing if you have the necessary knowledge to stay in your first options. We recommend that you take it until you have answered the exams for each subject separately. You will be able to start this exam again, obtaining 128 different questions each time you start it.


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Category: Geography

1. Tectonic movements give place to ____________ that can form mountains or depressions.

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Category: Chemistry

2. In batteries, the energy ____________ It transforms in electric power.

3 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

3. Which of the following paragraphs Describe the concept of nation?

4 / 128

Category: Spanish

4. Graphic component to data Numerical gives geometric data:

5 / 128

Category: Maths

5. María bought a pair of pants with
discount and paid $285. If the pants
It had an original price of $380, so
how much was the discount?

6 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

6. On what date was he overthrown? the regime of Fulgencio Batista?

7 / 128

Category: Chemistry

7. Property of matter to maintain its state of motion or rest unless a force changes it:

8 / 128

Category: Maths

8. If a cyclist travels 9 kilometers in
one hour, how far will it travel in one

9 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

9. A snail found at the bottom
from a well 5 m deep he wants
go out but during the day it rises 3 meters and
the night drops 2 meters. How many days
does the snail need to get out?

10 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

10. OUT is to English, as IN is to:

11 / 128

Category: Physics

11. A body is said to be charged negatively when:

12 / 128

Category: Maths

12. The perimeter of an obtuse triangle is
equal to the sum of its three sides, which,
Expressed in algebraic language, it is:

13 / 128

Category: Geography

13. To the sinking process of a tectonic plate under the edge of another It is known as:

14 / 128

Category: Biology

14. The process by which individuals who survive and whose characters allows them to adapt is the:

15 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

15. The OAS arises to:

16 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

16. Which paragraph is contrary to strengthening federalism?

17 / 128

Category: Spanish

17. In the sentence: “It rains a lot”, the subject is:

18 / 128

Category: Geography

18. May Mexico preserve different types of indigenous dialects, customs and traditions is a example of:

19 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

19. Which of the following paragraphs does not corresponds to democracy policy?

20 / 128

Category: Chemistry

20. Phenomenon responsible for colloidal particles in a solution or a gas is visible to the scatter light:

21 / 128

Category: History

21. What are the big ones? civilizations of Mesoamerica?

22 / 128

Category: History

22. The bombing of the United States from America to Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused:

23 / 128

Category: Geography

23. International organization that coordinates country policies industrialized:

24 / 128

Category: Physics


25 / 128

Category: Geography

25. The ___________ states are the spanning several nations They enjoy autonomy, but internal differences lead to disintegration.

26 / 128

Category: Geography

26. Our country is located in the Hemisphere _________ with respect to the equator and in the Hemisphere ________ with respect to the meridian of Greenwich.

27 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

27. BONDADOSO is an antonym of:

28 / 128

Category: Biology

28. The tissue that contains cells flat, cuboid, cylindrical with a only core is:

29 / 128

Category: Chemistry


30 / 128

Category: History

30. What percentage of the population I lived in the country after the Iindependence?

31 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


In the following questions, select the option that contains the term that follows in the sequence presented.
0, 1, 3, 7, 15, ______

32 / 128

Category: Chemistry


33 / 128

Category: Spanish

33. It is not one of the uses they have italics in the texts:

34 / 128

Category: Chemistry

34. Two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time:

35 / 128

Category: Spanish

35. “Imagination is magnificent and powerful.” The previous sentence has a predicate:

36 / 128

Category: History

36. During the Cold War, both the US like the USSR invested large amounts of money for:

37 / 128

Category: Chemistry


38 / 128

Category: Physics

38. The unit used to measure electric charges is:

39 / 128

Category: Maths

39. To bake one turkey for every ½ kg,
They require ¾ of an hour on fire. During
how long should you bake a turkey

40 / 128

Category: Chemistry


41 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

41. Word with meaning Contrary to PRIVATIVE:

42 / 128

Category: Physics

42. When putting a body in contact with
a heat source, increases:

43 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

43. SCHOOL is to LEARN, on the table:

44 / 128

Category: Maths

44. Juan has twice as many marbles as he has
Robert. If they give Juan another 6,
What expression represents the quantity
of marbles that Juan now has?

45 / 128

Category: Biology

45. Which of the following statements correspond to breathing process
1. It consists of the degradation of glucose; as a result forms ethyl alcohol and dioxide carbon.

2. Requires the presence of molecular oxygen to release energy stored in the glucose through chemical reactions that They produce a total of 38 ATP molecules.

3. The final products of the respiration are dioxide carbon, acids or alcohols and two molecules of ATP.

4. For cellular respiration is carried out, it is necessary that the glucose molecule contains six carbon atoms, transform into a molecule pyruvic acid, to this process It is called glycolysis.

46 / 128

Category: Maths

46. Solve the expression respecting the
operations priority:

47 / 128

Category: Chemistry


48 / 128

Category: Biology

48. The main proteins that they form the cytoskeleton of the cell and that allow it to move or change shape are called of :

49 / 128

Category: Chemistry

49. Phenomenon in which metals oxidize and generate a compound soluble in water:

50 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

50. YOUNG is OLD, like:

51 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


52 / 128

Category: Chemistry


53 / 128

Category: Spanish

53. Signs used at the end of an incomplete sentence or when a known part of a text is omitted:

54 / 128

Category: Geography

54. The Mexican Republic is made up of ____ federal entities.

55 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


56 / 128

Category: Physics

56. A machine has a lot of power because:

57 / 128

Category: Physics

57. An elevator whose mass is 1000 kg has risen 10 boxes to one height of 10 m in 3 s, if each box has a mass of 5 kg, what is the elevator motor power?

58 / 128

Category: Biology

58. The ovaries produce progesterone
and the testicles:

59 / 128

Category: Physics

59. The law: “To all force of action corresponds to a reaction of same magnitude but different sense”, was established by:

60 / 128

Category: Maths

60. They are prime numbers:

61 / 128

Category: Chemistry

61. 18 g of HCl are dissolved in
half a liter of water. Calculate the
molarity of the solution in moles
of solute for each liter of water.

62 / 128

Category: Maths

62. If angle C measures 35° and angle B is
straight, then angle A will measure:

63 / 128

Category: Spanish

63. The core of the predicate is:

64 / 128

Category: History

64. One of the postulates of the Luther's doctrine was:

65 / 128

Category: Spanish

65. Time used to express actions that occurred in passed and already finished:

66 / 128

Category: History

66. Who decreed the Amnesty Law to establish peace and preserve the federalism?

67 / 128

Category: Physics

67. The electrostatic charges of different sign:

68 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

68. A child has the same number of
sisters than brothers, one of their
sisters has half as many sisters as
of brothers. How many are there in the family?
How many are men and how many

69 / 128

Category: Maths

69. What is the result of the following

70 / 128

Category: History

70. What idea were the liberals pursuing? in relation to the organization policy?

71 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

71. Constitutional article 123 speaks on:

72 / 128

Category: Biology

72. Living beings are made up of organic molecules called:

73 / 128

Category: Physics

73. They are consequences of the friction of the bodies:
1. The free fall of bodies.
2. The force of gravity.
3. The wear and tear of materials.
4. Loss of transformed energy
in heat

74 / 128

Category: Geography

74. Volcanic activity and tectonism gives rise to vibratory movements in the litosphere, where energy is released. What are these called? movements?

75 / 128

Category: Physics

75. When a body A has the same
electrostatic charge that a body
B, they experience a force
mutual of:

76 / 128

Category: Maths

76. Player A must get the ball
reach player B who is in the opposite corner, how many meters will the player travel?
ball on the field?

77 / 128

Category: Chemistry


78 / 128

Category: Biology

78. Green plants breathe through of the:

79 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

79. He is a social movement that proposes equal rights and opportunities between men and women.

80 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability


81 / 128

Category: Spanish

81. “Let them march together to take destiny is in your hands.” It's a example of using the mode subjunctive like:

82 / 128

Category: Maths

82. The grades obtained by a
group of students are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; he
group average is:

83 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

83. The lyrics of the National Anthem speak
of :

84 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


85 / 128

Category: Geography

85. Where does the counting start? hours in time zones?

86 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

86. The element that continues in the series
34, 27, 20, 13, _____

87 / 128

Category: Maths


88 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

88. A synonym for COMMUNICATE, is

89 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

89. WINE is to GRAPE, what CIDER is that:

90 / 128

Category: Biology

90. Microorganisms capable of
reproduce in the breasts of
living cells and that are
protein and acid compounds
nucleic acids are called:

91 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

91. The Mexican family MAINTAINS its traditions.

92 / 128

Category: Biology

92. The naturalist who applied the Systema Naturae to distinguish a living being It was:

93 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


94 / 128

Category: History

94. What is Feudalism?

95 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

95. CONJUNCTION is an antonym of:

96 / 128

Category: Biology

96. To the biological unit formed by DNA that is transmitted through reproductive cells and regulates the characteristics hereditary is called:

97 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

97. Select the antonym of the LEISURE word:

98 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

98. The numbers that complete the series 1, 2,
1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, ____, ____ are:

99 / 128

Category: Spanish

99. “With Mickey Way chocolate “You will think you are touching the sky.” It Above is an example of:

100 / 128

Category: Spanish

100. “The base of the food chain are the producers ()beings that They produce their own food some examples of producers are( ) the plants( ) the trees( ) seaweed and other living beings that carry out photosynthesis". The signs of scores that are needed are:

101 / 128

Category: Biology

101. What is the theory that states that plant and animal species have been maintained since their origins?

102 / 128

Category: Biology

102. The process by which cell membrane captures molecules dissolved in water is called of :

103 / 128

Category: History

103. The main countries involved
In the Second World War

104 / 128

Category: History

104. One of the main causes economics of the crusades was:

105 / 128

Category: Geography

105. Species known from a certain place

106 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

106. Article 3 of the Constitution speaks of the right to:

107 / 128

Category: Spanish

107. They are secondary sentences, dependent on a sentence main:

108 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability


109 / 128

Category: Physics

109. The mathematical model that represents the Second Law of Newton is:

110 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

110. In whom is the power vested? Executive in Mexico?

111 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

111. On a street whose houses are
numbered continuously from 101
at 200 numbers will be placed
metal. How many zeros do you need?

112 / 128

Category: Geography

112. Small territory without an owner which is between Egypt and Sudan:

113 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

113. The institution in charge of defending national sovereignty is:

114 / 128

Category: Geography

114. The Cold War that occurred between United States and the Soviet Union after the Second War World Cup is an example of:

115 / 128

Category: Mathematical ability

115. It is planned to build a
maximum surface figure. OK
with the geometric characteristics of
the figures, which can cover a
larger area?

116 / 128

Category: History

116. English industrial domination gave in the century:

117 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

117. The criminal EVADED the police.

118 / 128

Category: Physics

118. Mass is the amount of matter contained in a body and is measured in __________; weight is strength with which a body is attracted to center the Earth and is measured in __________.

119 / 128

Category: Spanish

119. What statement Does it contain a preposition?

120 / 128

Category: Geography

120. It is not a factor that determines the climate:

121 / 128

Category: History

121. Who was the most important leader for the achievement of independence in India?

122 / 128

Category: Biology

122. The scientist who established a organ-based classification sexual characteristics of vegetables was:

123 / 128

Category: Maths

123. What is the result of the following
notable product?

124 / 128

Category: History

124. What Plan recognized Madero as president provisionally declared null and void elections of 1910 and ignored the Diaz government?

125 / 128

Category: Physics

125. The equivalence of 20°C to degrees
Fahrenheit is:

126 / 128

Category: Spanish

126. In the sentence “Change rapidly of speed”, the subject is:

127 / 128

Category: Civic and ethical formation

127. The municipal organization It has its origin in the concept:

128 / 128

Category: Verbal Ability

128. The life of Emiliano Zapata It was very RANDOM.

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We remind you that the official site to carry out the entire COMIPEMS 2024 process is in the following League and that the Registration so that you have the opportunity to take your exam is carried out at the following url As we previously informed you, we have a section where we explain step by step pre-registration comipems 2024 as well as all requirements for the COMIPEMS 2024 process.






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