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COMIPEMS GEOGRAPHY 2024 Simulator Exam

comipems geography simulator exam
welcome to COMIPEMS Geography Simulator Exam 2024In this exam you will be able to evaluate how much knowledge you have in this subject. The COMIPEMS Geography Simulator Exam is made up of 120 items of which were created from the main topics that are included in the COMIPEMS 2024 of this Subject.

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Ahora yes! Keep reading so you know the contents and all the free material to which you will have access to know the COMIPEMS 2024 exam answers.



Table of Contents

GEOGRAPHY COMIPEMS Simulator Exam 2024

Comipems 2023 Geography Type Exam
COMIPEMS Geography Exam

Within the exam COMIPEMS 2024 questions on the subject of Geography are included, use this COMIPEMS 2024 Geography online exam so that you can practice and know the answers to all the reagents or questions asked about this subject.

Apparently the topics that are questioned within the exam on this science seem difficult or complex, but don't worry; It is information that sometimes we already know, only calm down and don't get nervous when you start answering it.




COMIPEMS Geography Agenda 2024

Below we tell you all the topics you need to know to answer the questions on the COMIPEMS exam for the subject of Geography.

Geography COMIPEMS Topics:

  • Geographic space and maps
    • The natural, social and economic components of geographic space.
    • Categories of analysis of geographical space: region, landscape, environment, territory and place.
    • Basic concepts in the study of geographical space (location, distribution, temporality and relationship).
    • Circles and points on the Earth's surface: parallels, meridians and poles: geographical coordinates: latitude, longitude and altitude. Time zones.
    • Characteristics of the different types of representation of geographical space (Sketches, plans, maps, atlases, globe, aerial photographs, satellite images and three-dimensional models).
    • Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning System.
    • Thematic maps: natural, economic, social, cultural and political in Mexico.
  • Natural resources and environmental preservation
    • Rotation and translation movements of the Earth.
    • Plate tectonics, volcanism and seismicity.
    • Hydrological cycle in the distribution of oceanic and continental waters.
    • Layers of the atmosphere. Climate elements and factors.
    • Distribution and classification of climates in the world.
    • Biosphere. Relationships of the lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere with the distribution of vegetation and fauna.
    • Biodiversity. Endemic and endangered species; its preservation.
    • Natural resources of soil, subsoil, air and water. Sustainable development.
    • Environment: deterioration and protection.
    • Environmental policies and education. Ecotechnics and ecotourism.
  • Population dynamics and risks
    • Growth and population distribution. Absolute population, relative population.
    • Cities and rural areas; location, features and main problems.
    • Population migration: types, main migratory flows, economic, social and cultural effects in places of attraction and expulsion.
    • Risks and vulnerability of the population. Risk factors for human settlements.
    • Areas of vulnerability for the population.

 Geography Topics included in the COMIPEMS Exam:

  • Economic spaces and social inequality
    • Agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing and mining regions of Mexico and the World.
    • Industrial spaces in Mexico and the World.
    • Commercial flows, transportation and communications networks of Mexico and the World.
    • Tourist spaces.
    • Globalization. International economic organizations and transnational companies.
    • Major business regions and global cities.
    • Socioeconomic inequality: differences in the Human Development Index of Central, peripheral and semi-peripheral countries.
  • Cultural and political spaces
    • Cultural diversity of Mexico and the World: ethnicities, languages, religions and cultural heritage.
    • Cultural globalization. Influence of advertising transmitted by the media.
    • Multiculturalism and interculturality.
    • Changes in the world due to economic and political interests.
    • The borders. Transition and tension zones. International land, air and maritime spaces.
    • Cultural heritage of Mexicans: archaeological zones, colonial cities, typical towns, historical monuments.
    • Spaces of national sovereignty: land, sea, island and air.



Tips to Answer the Questions of the COMIPEMS GEOGRAFÍA 2024 Simulator Exam

Comipems Geography exam pdf
COMIPEMS Geography Questions

We know that everyone at some point When taking an exam we get nervous or afraid to doubt whether we will approve it or not, first of all we want to say that don't think about the results, concentrate on each question you are going to answer.

We want to give you these tips that will be very useful so that you can answer each of the questions that come in the exam as best as possible. follow them to the letter and you will realize that it will be easier for you to answer all the questions.



COMIPEMS 2024 Geography Exam Simulator

Think that you are already in the selection exam COMIPEMS and follow the following suggestions:

  • Read the instructions carefully, not by answering quickly will you miss certain observations.
  • Control the time during the exam.
  • Change position to relax, if you can't concentrate you can try shaking your head this will allow your brain to wake up.
  • If your mind goes blank, skip the question and continue, remember that you can do so since the exam is designed to go back to previous questions or change answers.
  • Don't give way to nerves if other students start handing in their exams. There is no prize for submitting it first, the goal is to submit a well done exam, take your time.
  • And whenever you find yourself tense and nervous during the exam, breathe slowly and deeply three times, this oxygenates your brain and will help you relax, concentrate and continue.




COMIPEMS Geography Mock Exam 2024

COMIPEMS Geography Mock Exam 2024
COMIPEMS Geography Simulation Exam 2024

How to answer the Geography Mock Exam?

Geography Simulator Exam in free PDF: The first thing we are going to recommend is to do the following:

  • Seek to be comfortable: Sit in front of a table or desk without distractions.
  • Answer the Reagents: Spend 1 to 2 hours per day, from now until you take your exam.
  • Evaluate yourself: Check what you answer, the system will show you the percentage of correct answers you had.
  • Review: Identify the subjects and topics that are most difficult for you and study them.

TIPS to answer Geography Exam

Here I give you the following TIPS that I applied to my son to the letter and he was able to stay in his 2nd year using what we share here, follow them and you will have a much better chance of obtaining the same or better result.

  • Discard those options that you know have nothing to do with the topic of the question.
  • Cover the options and formulate your own answer, uncover them and verify.
  • For a reading, read it completely and come back as many times as you need.
  • Try each option; Review one by one, until you find the coherent answer.
  • Never answer at random, you have a 75% chance of being wrong.

Start to answer the OnLine Geography Exam, consider the time you are allowed in this way you will be able to adapt to the time that they will give you in the Exam when you are going to take it, at the moment you answer you will be told if the selected answer is correct with a check mark ✅ and if it is incorrect it will be marked. with an x ​​❌.

COMIPEMS GEOGRAPHY 2024 Simulator Exam





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When you start the Exam you will have a time interval to answer, we suggest that you start it when you are ready.

The Exam contains 30 questions on the topics that are included within the COMIPEMS exam

Time Has Run Out to Answer the Exam.

Geography Mock Exam for COMIPEMS

When you finish it, you can start it again and you will have another 30 different questions on this subject so that you can continue preparing.


1 / 30

1. indigenous community that lives in the state of Michoacan:

2 / 30

2. Joshua had to leave his indigenous community in Oaxaca because there are no opportunities job, that's why he moves with his entire family to City of Mexico. With the known data, What type of migration have you performed? Josue?

3 / 30

3. Our country is located in the Hemisphere _________ with respect to the equator and in the Hemisphere ________ with respect to the meridian of Greenwich.

4 / 30

4. Volcanic activity and tectonism gives rise to vibratory movements in the litosphere, where energy is released. What are these called? movements?

5 / 30

5. It is not a factor that determines the climate:

6 / 30

6. The language with the most speakers in the world:

7 / 30

7. It is a main tourist destination of Mexico:

8 / 30

8. ______________ is measured from from ______________ to any point of the Earth.

9 / 30

9. The Mexican Republic is made up of ____ federal entities.

10 / 30

10. States most likely to suffer floods:

11 / 30

11. They are the three states that most They emigrate to the United States:

12 / 30

12. Main agricultural products Mexico:

13 / 30

13. They allow you to accurately locate a place on a map measuring from of the equator and the meridian of Greenwich:

14 / 30

14. It is a rupture of the crust terrestrial where the blocks that The form has movement:

15 / 30

15. mountain system where find most of the volcanoes of Mexico:

16 / 30

16. International organization that coordinates country policies industrialized:

17 / 30

17. In many parts of the world They use social networks and have added common sense to place your thumb up. It Above is an example of:

18 / 30

18. Consequence of displacement of the Cocos plate below the North America license plate:

19 / 30

19. How large is the Zone? Economic Exclusive to Mexico?

20 / 30

20. Result of a surplus of births with respect to deaths:

21 / 30

21. The oceans with which you have contact Mexico are:

22 / 30

22. It is the reproductive capacity of a population that expresses itself with the number of live births in a year:

23 / 30

23. On the scale of a map, the numerator represents the surface in _____________ and the denominator __________________.

24 / 30

24. The areas near the poles are the most deformed with this cartographic projection:

25 / 30

25. Mexico has most of the national territory on the plate called:

26 / 30

26. The oceans surround the continents and are in contact with them in the areas called:

27 / 30

27. Area where it is located concentrated most of the cultural heritage of Mexico:

28 / 30

28. They are the longest rivers in Mexico:

29 / 30

29. It is not a parameter in which bases the Development Index Human:

30 / 30

30. Where does the counting start? hours in time zones?

Your score is

The average score is 56%

Share your results with your friends and compare who has obtained a better result.

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Now Download the mock exam in PDF includes the Geography subject with 120 questions and their answers, we recommend that you first try to solve all the questions on your own and when you finish check how many answers you got by looking at the answer sheet.

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COMIPEMS Geography Exam Study Guide 2024

Comipems Geography Exam Study Guide 2024
Comipems Geography Exam Study Guide 2024

Now we share with you the following study GUIDE so that you can reinforce your knowledge of the Geography Subject. This study guide contains Geography questions The purpose is to strengthen your preparation for the exam. Comipems Assignment Contest, which you will present next June.

Among other information, here you can consult the COMIPEMS 2024 exam structure, the contents to be evaluated, the types of questions you will see on the exam and what you should do before and on the day of the exam. To do this, the guide is organized into eight sections:


  • Home: It is the welcome section. Here you will find the purpose and organization of this Interactive Study Guide that includes the reagents of the Geography subject.
  • Content: Briefly describe the characteristics of the COMIPEMS 2024 exam that you will present in the month of June.
  • Training: This is where you can do the exercise as if you were already taking the exam and you can do it as many times as you want.
  • Final Exam: It is a simulation of the COMIPEMS 2024 exam that includes the reagents of the Geography subject and that you will present in person for your entrance to Higher Secondary Education. Follow the instructions and don't waste your time solving them.
  • Results: In this section you can know the rights and wrongs that you had in the training exercises like in the Final Exam.
  • Recommendations: Here you will find a series of useful tips prior to and when taking your exam.

The exercises in the Training section and the Final Exam are similar to the exam you will take and contain reagents from the Geography subject. Their sole purpose is to familiarize you with the Geography questions included in the exam and that you have an idea of ​​the knowledge you have and what you should reinforce.



Download COMIPEMS 2024 Geography Exam Study Guide

The Interactive Study Guide that includes the subject of Geography is compressed with the program WinRAR which you can download by clicking on the following link: DOWNLOAD WINRAR.

Geography Exercises COMIPEMS PDF


We hope that everything we share with you is useful so that you can enter one of the first 3 schools that you have selected and thus be able to continue your studies at the high school level.

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Hopefully you can leave us a comment at the end of the post to know if you managed to stay in your first options, we wish you much success and that you do very well in the COMIPEMS 2024 Exam.

“Aristotle”: Intelligence consists not only of knowledge, but also of the skill of applying knowledge in practice.”




We remind you that the official site to carry out the entire COMIPEMS 2024 process is in the following League and that the Registration so that you have the opportunity to take your exam is carried out at the following url As we previously informed you, we have a section where we explain step by step pre-registration comipems 2024 as well as all requirements for the COMIPEMS 2024 process.






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