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Difference between Workshop, Owner's and Exploded Manuals

Difference between Repair Manuals, Owner's Manual and Parts Catalog and what is the difference between them?

Manufacturers of computer equipment or cars put various models or versions of their products on sale. It is worth mentioning that even so, the repair manuals that are developed are focused in most cases on all models or versions, specifically speaking of the user or owner's manuals.

For example, there is an owner's manual for M series computing equipment.

This means that the manual is applicable for the models


that is, for all those models that have "M"; therefore, when
We are looking for our manual, we will not necessarily find the manual that specifically talks only about our model. therefore we would have to
acquire a generalized manual for the “M” series

The same thing happens with vehicles, owner's manuals are generalized and
They are focused on the most complete version of the model and it is the one that is delivered to the
owner of the car, perhaps we will find information in our manual that we do not
apply for our car because it is not the most equipped; but it will contain the
complete and necessary information to know its operation well.

Table of Contents

Difference Between Repair, Owner's and Exploded Manuals


In owner or user manuals
To select it, you only need to know the manufacturer, model or year.
It matters the version or how equipped our car is.

In the case of repair or workshop manuals,
It is important to know the manufacturer, model and year but not necessarily the
version, in terms of cars the most important thing is to know that the manual we are
acquire has information on the type of engine that our
vehicle, since this is enough to know that it is going to make us functional and
serve more than 85% of the manual.

In the case of the Exploded Catalog
It is much easier to select it, we just have to know the manufacturer already.
that usually or almost always the parts catalogs include all the
versions and models of the type of car, therefore it will not always work.


Difference Between Repair, Owner's and Exploded Manuals

Workshop or Workshop Manual.

Repair or workshop manuals are compendiums of information to carry out
repairs to common and unusual faults that a car can present.

These have important information about the car, they always have
important details that characterize the vehicle, such as torques, settings,
level measurements, the use of special tools, most
These manuals include fault diagnosis tables indicating the
possible solution to the error that the vehicle is presenting as well as the
disassembly of parts and changes of accessories or spare parts.

The importance of having the shop or workshop manual is basically for the
following objectives and benefits:

1.- Know the General Characteristics of the Vehicle.
2.- Have knowledge of the general functioning of all Systems.
3.- Broadly identify the possible failure that is occurring.
4.- Perfectly analyze the economic investment to repair said failure or
error in the car.
5.- Have the possibility of carrying out the repair yourself without being an expert or
mechanic by profession.
And many more advantages and objectives that can be had by having the
shop or workshop manual.

Every person should have the workshop manual for their vehicle, to
avoid failures, increase safety by having all the
car systems.

All repair manuals usually specifically include
Detailed and general information on the following systems:


1.- Lubrication and maintenance
2.- Suspension
3.- Differential and transmission system
4.- Brakes
5.- Clutch
6.- Cooling system
7.- Automatic cooling system
8.- Battery
9.- Starting systems
10.-Charging system
11.-Ignition system
12.-Instrument dashboard systems
13.-Audio systems
14.-Horn systems
15.-Vehicle speed control system
16.-Turn signal and emergency flashing systems
17.-Windshield wiper and windshield washer systems
19.-Passive restraint systems
20.-Thermal and electrical systems
21.-Energy Distribution Systems
22.-Automatic lock system
23.-Vehicle security/anti-theft systems
24.-Servo assisted seating systems
25.-Electric window lifter
26.-Automatic mirror system
27.-Buzzer/bell warning systems
28.-Ceiling console systems
29.-Wiring diagrams
31.-Exhaust system and intake manifold pipe
32.-Frame and bumper
33.-Fuel system
35.-Transmission and gearbox
36.-Tires and wheels
38.-Heating and air conditioning
39.-Emission control systems

Images  Example del Content of Repair or Workshop Manuals:


Difference Between Repair, Owner's and Exploded Manuals

Owner or User Manual.

The Owner or User Manual is a
technical document of a specific system that attempts to provide assistance to its

User manuals are generally included in Cars, Motorcycles,
electronic devices, computer hardware and applications. The manual of
user can come both in the form of a book and in the form of a digital document,
and even be able to be consulted online.

In general, a user manual should be able to be understood by anyone.
beginner user, as well as being useful to advanced users.

A complete user manual usually has:

  • A preface, with information on how to use the manual itself.
  • An index.
  • A quick quick guide on how to use the main features of the system.
  • A section for troubleshooting.
  • A FAQ.
  • Contact information.
  • A glossary.

In the case of Owner's Manuals for vehicles, it is of utmost importance
have it inside it since warnings of brake failures may occur,
oil, water, brake fluid, windshield wiper levels, etc.
And many times these indications are presented to us in the form of sounds.
electronics or the lighting of a warning light or bulb on the dashboard or control panel.
instruments, the owner's manual in addition to indicating the operation of
All the switches and warning lights on the dashboard tell us the type of oil that is being used.
must be supplied to the vehicle.

Some manuals contain the list and tables of periodic maintenance
What should be done to a car.

85% of the sale or purchase of a vehicle in Mexico is used cars and
Unfortunately, it is not customary to provide this owner's manual.
to the next owner, the owner's manual in addition to having the above
mentioned has the explanation of the security systems in the car by
That is why it is important to give this manual to the next owner of the car.

Table of Contents Example del Contents of an Owner's Manual for Cars


Images Example of the Content of the Owner or User Manuals


Difference Between Repair, Owner's and Exploded Manuals

Catalogs of spare parts or exploded parts.

The Catalog of spare parts or parts is the system or database where
find all the spare parts and accessories of a vehicle, these systems
exploded views are characterized by showing detailed diagrams of the exploded parts of
all the systems that make up a car.

The great advantage of having the parts catalog is to know in detail
the original part numbers of the manufacturer of the parts or spare parts, as well as
as well as having the descriptive diagram of placement and disassembly of all the

Sometimes the owner of a vehicle usually gets his hands on his unit because
Whether for general cleaning, maintenance or even tuning type modification.
in the car, for this it is important to have the parts catalog because
This will inform you how to disassemble said part of the vehicle, it will tell you
the general characteristics of the spare part or piece to be modified or changed and
have the comparison with the replacement part that is going to be installed.

The parts catalogs always contain information on all the production systems.
car within which the part or spare part numbers stand out and
Illustrative diagrams for disassembly and placement of the systems:

0.- Engine System
1.- Fuel System
2.- Exhaust System
3.- Brake System
4.- Suspension
5.- Front Axle
6.- Rear Axle
7.- Transmission
8.- Clutch System
9.- Bodywork
10.- Electrical Equipment
11.- Management System
12.- Air Conditioning System
13.- Accessories
14.- Alternator and Battery System
15.- Audio System
16.- Lighting System
17.- Electrical System

Images Example of the Content of the Exploded Catalogs



It is undoubtedly important to have each of these manuals or catalogs since no one is exempt from having a failure in their car, vehicle, motorcycle, computer equipment or any device.

Never hesitate to purchase your car manual; I'm sure it will always serve you and
Never forget to hand over your car's owner's manual to the next owner without
Regardless of whether it is electronic or printed, keep in mind that you no longer care
will serve.

Owner's Manual

It helps us to know the main characteristics and perfect use of the car as well as the measurements.
general safety and general details of the car.

Workshop or Service Manual

It helps us detect failures and possible solutions, as well as giving us the opportunity to do it ourselves, saving a lot of money so as not to pay for expensive repairs.


It helps us to know the manufacturer's original part numbers, the correct placement of parts or spare parts as well as the placement of accessories. Helping us do it step by step through the descriptive schemes it has.