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COMIPEMS 2024 call

comipems 2024 exam call
Get to know the Comipems Call 2024We explain in more detail everything you need to know about the process to take the exam that gives you the right to continue your high school studies after you leave high school.

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When COMIPEMS 2024 Call Comes Out

The Comipems call will be published on January 21, 2024, according to the official calendar published by UNAM. And you can validate it in the following link:


The most important dates of the process are the following:

  • Publication of the call: January 21
  • Registration of applicants: January 21 to February 23
  • Application of the exam: June 15, 16, 22 and 23
  • Publication of Results: 09 August



COMIPEMS Call 2024

Our goal is for you to be well informed 🤓 and to know all the information explained in a more colloquial and understandable way so that you can carry out the entire process step by step.

You will have the most important thing on the same page so that you can carry out the process in a simpler and easier way without missing anything or missing any steps to follow.

We know that many students at this stage hardly like reading, much less because of all the digital media that are present in our daily lives today. But even if you don't like reading 😠 we recommend you do it and read all the information that we will provide you in this publication.

😃 ok, go ahead and don't waste time, then continue playing with your cell phone. 😃

Comipems 2024 allocation call


They are the acronyms of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (COMIPEMS), responsible for holding each year the Higher Secondary Education Entrance Contest in the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City and 22 suburban municipalities of the State of Mexico.

Now you know the most basic things and you know who is in charge of carrying out this selection process, let's go with more important information and they are:

COMIPEMS 2024 Dates

Important Dates Comipems 2023
Calendar of Important Dates Comipems 2024

In view of a new admission exam, the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems) has already revealed the tentative dates for the launch of the call and other days related to the process.

Keep the following dates in mind so that you are aware of carrying out each procedure and process in a timely manner.

  • Publication of Call: January 21 2024 From this Date you will be able to Download All the Registration Materials that we provide to you later.
  • Online Pre-Registration (OnLine) Via Internet: From January 21 to February 23, 2024
  • Online Registration (OnLine) Via Internet: From February 26 to March 12, 2024
  • In-person registration at the pre-established location: From March 7 to 13, 2024
  • Application of the Exam: 15, 16, 22 and 23 June of 2024
  • Publication of Results: August 09, 2024




Download COMIPEMS 2024 Call PDF

The call, as you observed in the previous topic, was published on January 21, 2024 and it is the official document where all the details of the selection process are explained COMIPEMS 2024 and you can download it right here by clicking on the image:



Well, now you have the call and all the information you need to know in depth all the steps to follow, as we mentioned previously. you have to read it And since we know that you are going to pay attention, we consider that you already understand how this process is carried out. You have earned a ✅ for following the instructions. You can continue reading.

COMIPEMS 2024 Exam Call

Support Materials for the Comipems 2024 Process

Below we provide you with all the necessary materials that you can download and that will help you learn everything about the process and procedures that you have to carry out in order to present the Comipems 2024 exam.




COMIPEMS 2024 Pre Registration

Pay close 🤓 attention to the following information since with it you will be able to carry out the Pre-Registration so you can take the COMIPEMS 2024 exam.

El Pre-Registration to take the exam COMIPEMS 2024 is from January 22 to February 24.

🤷‍♂️ Please don't let it happen to you. 🤷‍♂️

You can do this process if you are a regular student, that is, do not owe or have failed subjects ❌ both first and second grade of secondary education, this regardless of whether you are local, foreign, graduated and from INEA and you have to do it on the COMIPEMS portal.

😎 Keep reading below, we will provide you with the link where you will pre-register.

The first time you enter the System you must register an email 📧 where COMIPEMS will send you the information so that you can start your process and generate your PRE-REGISTRATION FOLIO, with which you can enter as many times as you want.

Requirements for Pre-Registration COMIPEMS 2024

  • CURP Unique Population Code
  • CCT School Code

To pre-register, you must have your Unique Population Registry Code (curp) If you do not have it, you can obtain it by entering the following link and entering your information CLICK TO KNOW MY CURP and the School Key (CCT) where you study or studied. If you don't know your school password you can KNOW THE PIN OF YOUR CCT ​​SCHOOL BY CLICKING HERE.

Options where you can also know what your CURP and the CCT of your school are

  • If you are in high school, the CCT is in your EVALUATION REPORT or in a CONSTANCY.
  • If you have already finished secondary school, CCT is found in your HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE o SECONDARY DIGITAL CERTIFICATE.

It is important that you know the following and that you pay close attention when filling out your Pre-Registration:

  • The pre-registration has five sections: Personal data, Generation of the referenced payment format, General data survey, capture of educational options and printing of documents for registration. Before completing each of them, you must verify the data you captured.
  • In case you want to make any modification to your data, the System will ask you for the Pre-Registration Folio that will appear on your REGISTRATION REQUEST.
Comipems Pre-Registration Request
Comipems Pre-Registration Request

If you got this far we are going to give you another ✅ because with what you just read you should know what you need and how to do it, therefore we consider that you are already prepared to be able to make your Pre-Registration. If it's still not clear to you 🤔. Well scroll up ⬆️ and Read again. 🇧🇷

If you no longer have doubts Bravooo! 👏 👏 👏 you can now make your Pre-Registration.

Enter Pre-Registration through the following link:

👉 👈

and follow the steps that we explained previously.

Printed Documents that you must obtain with Pre-Registration

We recap everything you should print 🖨️ preferably also save the information in format PDF in case you lose the printed documents you can recover them again.

  • registration request 📑 Local, foreign and graduate applicants must paste in the upper right corner a recent child-sized photograph, in color or black and white, printed on photographic paper.
  • List of requested educational options  and write down your printed autograph name and signature, as well as the name and signature of your mother, father or guardian in the appropriate space.
  • Format for bank deposit (I.e.  The cost of COMIPEMS 2024 is for the amount of 400 pesos, which covers the expenses of the services and materials used in the contest. This amount will be paid to the bank indicated on the form.
  • Print and sign commitment letter 🖊️ Only foreign and INEA applicants.
  • Print and sign the Support Request for Applicants with Disabilities form ♿️. Only applicants with disabilities.



Requirements for Comipems 2024 Registration

Now we indicate the requirements and documents that you must present so that you can completely complete the final registration, please stay attentive 😎 to the following information, we recommend that you carry them in a folder 🗂️ so that they are not mistreated and place them in order.

👉 Be enrolled in the third grade of public or private secondary education and have accredited all subjects of the first and second grades.

In the case of graduated applicants, they must have sent the secondary education certificate to Comipems through the pre-registration system.

If you are registered with the INEA, make sure that you will be able to obtain your secondary education certificate No later than July 26 2024.

👉 Carry out your pre-registration by providing the required information in all its sections.

👉 Make the bank deposit in the name of Ceneval, with the unique and personalized reference in the name of the applicant. It is recommended to keep the Proof of bank deposit.

Registration in COMIPEMS 2024

After having made your Pre-Registration you will proceed to do now if you Registration complete, pay close attention it will take place From March 25 to 13 online or in person from March 7 to 13. 😲 Please don't forget it. 🤦‍♂️

⭐ All applicants have the following alternatives to formalize their registration for the assignment contest:


You can do it from 25 from February to March 13 en, for which you must verify your information and take the photograph that will be printed on your receipt-credential. Before taking your photo, you must verify that the information displayed by the system corresponds to your data and is correct. Likewise, you must follow the instructions to the letter so that the photograph allows your features to be identified without problems. At the end of your registration you must download your proof-credential.


If you wish, you can personally go to the registration center that corresponds to you, on the date and time indicated on your pre-registration receipt during the registration period. 7 al 13 March according to the following schedule:

Applicants whose first surname begins with the letter They will register on the day
A, B, C Winners will be announced in March
D,E,F,G,H Winners will be announced in March
I, J, K, L, M Winners will be announced in March
N, Ñ, O, P, Q, R Winners will be announced in March
S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z Winners will be announced in March


Applicants will be attended to at the time indicated on their pre-registration receipt. ANDThe hours in which the registration centers will operate will be from 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

At the registration center you only have to submit your pre-registration receipt so that you can be identified in the system, later your information will be validated and your photograph will be taken. At the end of your registration you will receive your voucher-credential.

Upon completing their registration through either of the two alternatives (online or in person), applicants will be able to download the exam guide (that of Ceneval or that of UNAM, as appropriate) and their certified electronic file will be available for download 24 hours a day. after having completed your process. Both downloads will be made at

⭐ The proof-credential It is the document that includes the photograph and the FOLIO that will identify the applicants throughout the process. Furthermore, it will indicate place, date and time in which the applicant will take the exam, as well as the order of preference of the registered educational options.

👉 The places where the in-person registration of applicants will take place are the following:

a) Graduate and foreign applicants must register in the Registration Center 01: Colegio de Bachilleres Plantel 02, Cien Metros, Av. Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas s/n, between Av. de las Torres and Poniente 152, Col. Industrial Vallejo, CP 07720, Alcaldía Gustavo A. Madero (Polytécnico metro station, line 5 ).

b) INEA applicants must register in the Registration Center 02: Multimodal Center for Scientific and Technological Studies the Sea and Continental Waters, Saffron No. 386, Col. Granjas México, CP 08400, Alcaldía Iztacalco.

c) Local applicants, that is, those who attend the third grade of secondary education in the Metropolitan Area, must register at the center you choose at the time of pre-registration, from among the options that the system shows them according to the location of the school where they study secondary education, said center will be indicated on your pre-registration receiptRegistration centers can be consulted at pages 36 to 39 of the instructions.

By reaching this section of our publication it means that you are fully prepared to complete the entire process to be able to take the COMIPEMS 2024 exam 👍 CONGRATULATIONS ! ! 👏 👏 👏 .

What will I get after COMIPEMS 2024 Registration?

Upon completion of your registration process, you will receive a exam guide (that of Ceneval or that of UNAM, as appropriate) and your proof-credential, with your photograph and the INVOICE with which you will identify throughout the entire process. He credential proof indicate to place, date and time in which you will take the exam, as well as the order of preference of the educational options you selected.

In good time, if you came this far CONGRATULATIONS 👏 👏 👏  We hope that with this information you have learned the entire process so that you can register to take the exam COMIPEMS 2024 ✔️ . Keep reading as now you will know more important information.




COMIPEMS 2024 Exam Application

Until this moment we consider that you have already completed your Pre-Registration as well as the Total Registration to take the exam, therefore now we will tell you how the application of the exam will be. Pay a lot of attention 🙄 .

El exam will be applied only on the day, time and place (venue) that is indicated on your credential voucher. There is no other opportunity to be examined in this contest. You will not be able to take the exam at any other location, since only the material intended for you will be available at your location. ☝️ So consider these indications. ☝️

Recommendation: It is recommended that, with sufficient advance notice, you visit the campus where you are going to take the exam so that you know precisely its location, are aware of the time and difficulties that the transfer implies and make the corresponding provisions without confusion or last-minute loss. . Let's give you another ✅ because you've made it to this section.

Dates When the COMIPEMS 2024 Exam is applied

Until now, what you have to keep in mind are the dates when you will have to appear so that you can take your exam. Remember that the information is included in your registration application, however, here we will remind you again.

The exam will be administered on the following dates June 15, 16, 22 and 23



Take into account that 🚫 cell phone entry is not allowed into the headquarters, so it is important that during this visit you establish a meeting point with your parents at the end of your exam.

The COMIPEMS app can help you locate the location of your application headquarters. Download free the  APP of COMIPEMS and stay informed of the assignment process.

Schools that you can select in the COMIPEMS 2024 Call

From these Institutions you will have to select which schools or campuses will be your options to continue your studies.

College of Bachelors (Colbach)
National College of Technical Professional Education (Conalep)
General Directorate of Baccalaureate (DGB)
High School Study Centers (CEB)
General Directorate of Industrial and Services Technological Education (DGETI)
Industrial and Services Technological Baccalaureate Center (CBTIS)
Center for Industrial and Services Technological Studies (CETIS)
General Directorate of Agricultural Technological Education and Marine Sciences (DGETAyCM)
Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate Center (CBTA)
Multimodal Center for Scientific and Technological Studies of the Sea and Continental Waters (CMM)
National Polytechnic Institute (IPN)
Center for Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyT)
Center for Technological Studies (CET)
Secretary of Education of the Government of the State of Mexico (SE)
High School College of the State of Mexico (Cobaem)
College of Technical Professional Education of the State of Mexico (Conalep)
Community Telebachillerato
Technological Baccalaureate Center (CBT)
College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Mexico (CECyTEM)
Official Preparatory Schools and Annexes to Normal Schools
Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM)
Preparatory School (Texcoco Campus)
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) 
College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH)
National Preparatory School (ENP)

We invite you to know the Successes you need to obtain to stay at the school you select: COMIPEMS 2024 SUCCESSFUL



COMIPEMS 2024 Mock Exams

Now that you know the successes that each team asks of you 🏢, you should start studying. See how I challenge you to get those hits, or even the 128 hits. 😲

Remember that the option in which you are assigned will be your life for the next 3 years.

The COMIPEMS exam is not a game!

Therefore now we are going to provide you with all the tools so that you can stay with your first options, here we will show you the Exams with Answers COMIPEMS 2024, with which you can evaluate yourself and know how much score you would achieve if your exam were today. So let's go! come in and see the COMIPEMS 2024 simulation exams that you can answer. 😃😃

Now we would like you to let us know in the comments what you thought of all the information obtained here, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments at the end of this post.

exam with answers comipems 2024
exam with answers comipems 2024