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Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Owner's Manual FREE PDF Download

Download Motorcycle Matchless Army Echelon 1951 User Manual Download in PDF FREE
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 User Manual in Spanish PDF, Download the user manual for the Army Echelon 1951 motorcycle for free, with this manual you will know in a very explicit way all the characteristics of this motorcycle.

When a used motorcycle is sold, the first owner does not deliver the User manual and it is of utmost importance that the person who buys a used motorcycle and who is going to drive it has this Manual.
We are going to try to eradicate this action because we have started collecting all the motorcycle owner's manuals in PDF format so you can have the Owner's Manual of your Matchless Army Echelon 1951 and that you can download for free.

Table of Contents

Manual in Spanish Matchless Army Echelon 1951

The Manual is the original and is developed by the manufacturer Matchless, therefore it includes all the specific characteristics of your motorcycle model.

Importance of the User Manual for the Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle

As a user of a 1951 Army Echelon motorcycle, you will benefit from Matchless' extensive experience and the most advanced technology in the design and manufacture of high-quality motorcycles that have given Matchless its reputation for reliability.
Read this manual in its entirety so that you can enjoy all the benefits of your Army Echelon motorcycle 1951. The owner's manual will not only teach you how to use, service and maintain your motorcycle, but also how to protect yourself and others from problems and accidents.
In addition, the numerous tips contained in this manual will help you keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition.

Contents Manual in Spanish Matchless Army Echelon 1951 User

Manual in Spanish Matchless Army Echelon 1951
Manual in Spanish Matchless Army Echelon 1951

All the information included in the manual is fully detailed and all the systems that make up the Matchless Army Echelon 1951 are well specified. Below we point out all the topics included in the manual.

  • Instruments panel
  • Digital indicator
  • Tachometer
  • Speedometer
  • AB Odometer/Distance Meter
  • fuel level indicator
  • Key
  • Main switch/steering lock
  • Right handlebar switches
  • Engine stop switch
  • start button
  • Left handlebar switches
  • light switch
  • Interruptor de los intermittents
  • Horn button
  • Burst button
  • emergency switch
  • Brake and clutch lever tensioners
  • fuel tank cap
  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel
  • Easel
  • Seat
  • Helmet attachment cable
  • Compartment for tool set and U-shaped lock
  • Hooks to tie


  • Engine start
  • Jump start
  • Start of the march
  • gear shift
  • Braking
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • (ABS) for ABS equipped models
  • ABS indicator light
  • Engine stop
  • Stopping the motorcycle in case of emergency
  • Parking
  • Catalyst


  • Safe driving techniques
  • Daily security checks
  • Additional Considerations When Driving at High Speed


  • Periodic maintenance table
  • engine oil
  • Refrigeration system
  • Plugs
  • Matchless Clean Air System
  • Valve clearance
  • Air filter
  • Oil drain
  • Throttle control system
  • Throttle body timing
  • Idling
  • Clutch
  • transmission chain
  • Brakes
  • Brake light switches
  • front fork
  • Rear shock absorbers
  • Wheel
  • Battery
  • Headlight orientation
  • Fuses
  • Motorcycle cleaning

Before downloading this manual we want you to read the following recommendations that will help you a lot so that you can enjoy your Matchless Army Echelon 100 motorcycle 1951%.

Suggestions before Consulting the Manual

Correct maintenance of a motorcycle is essential to extend its useful life and enjoy it to the fullest, ensuring that it performs perfectly and remains in the best condition, even with the passage of time and regardless of the number on the odometer. To this we must add that good maintenance of your motorcycle will provide you with greater security, so there is no excuse for not giving it the attention it deserves.
The main problem that appears when it comes to motorcycle maintenance is that there are many people who do not have any knowledge of basic motorcycle mechanics, which makes it impossible for them to maintain their motorcycle properly, going to a workshop for even the simplest repairs.

Download Manual for Motorcycle
Download Manual for Motorcycle Matchless Army Echelon 1951

But not having knowledge of mechanics is no longer an excuse, and even less so with the enormous amount of video tutorials on the Internet and the wide variety of basic motorcycle mechanics courses available, both online and in person, which you can take. access by any interested person.
It is something essential, and not only for the correct maintenance of your motorcycle, but also to solve possible breakdowns that occur on the road, saving you from a problem without having to resort to a tow truck or having to take the motorcycle to the workshop.

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Advantages Manual Matchless Army Echelon 1951

With the manual you can consult from very complex repairs to simple breakdowns that you can repair yourself for your motorcycle, situations as simple as:

  • How to change your motorcycle battery
  • When should we change the motorcycle brake fluid
  • Brake pads: How often are they changed?
  • How to adjust motorcycle valves

To cite a few examples.
In addition, we recommend that you have motorcycle insurance with roadside assistance, since this way, in the event of a breakdown that you cannot solve, a tow truck would transport your motorcycle to the workshop comfortably and completely free of charge.

Motorcycle Mechanics Tips Matchless Army Echelon 1951

Even though they are essential, the list of tips that we can explain to you can be very long. basic motorcycle mechanics. Here, we have collected for you, some of them for which we have even created articles with which to expand information about it.
Remember that the objective of this publication is not to create a motorcycle mechanics manual for beginners, but to provide basic information on motorcycle mechanics for anyone who needs it. Before consulting the manual.

Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Cleaning

Motorcycle Cleaning
Motorcycle Cleaning

It may seem like a lie, but cleanliness is one of the most important points within the basic motorcycle mechanics. Many people believe that cleaning the motorcycle only affects aesthetic issues, but the truth is that cleaning will help keep the motorcycle in perfect condition, and also help appreciate any damage or breakdown that may have occurred.
You must keep in mind that elements such as dust, mud and dirt in general will accelerate the corrosion process, becoming one of the motorcycle's biggest enemies.

Inspect and maintain the tires of the 1951 Army Echelon Motorcycle

Motorcycle Tires
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Tires

Tire inspection and maintenance will be key, both for proper operation and for your safety on the motorcycle. It is, without a doubt, an important and main element for your Matchless motorcycle. The most essential thing is to make sure that they have the appropriate air pressure, which is neither above nor below that indicated by the manufacturer, since this will directly influence the behavior that you will experience with your motorcycle while driving.

You should also pay attention to the wear and depth of the tires, changing them when it is greater than 1,6 millimeters, since otherwise you will see a reduced feeling of grip and traction.
It is important to pay attention to this, since it will be key to knowing when you should change the tires, since since there is no specific time for it, it will be what will tell you when they have reached their end.

The Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle Chain
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Chain

Your motorcycle chain must undergo special maintenance, it being essential that it is clean, perfectly greased and tensioned at all times. Experts recommend cleaning and lubricating the chain every 750 kilometers in normal conditions, while in case of rain, this should be done after 500 kilometers.
One of the mistakes that many people make and that is why we discuss it in these tips on good maintenance of your motorcycle, is to grease the chain without having previously cleaned it. This will be of no use, since we would create a mixture of grease and dirt that would be very detrimental to the maintenance of the chain.
To check the tension level, when moving it up or down, it should not move more than 2 centimeters. Otherwise, everything will indicate that it actually needs tensioning. On most Matchless motorcycles, to tighten it you simply have to loosen the axle a little and set the rim back a few millimeters.
And finally, be clear that to manipulate the chain, it is essential that the motorcycle is not running.

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Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Brakes

Motorcycle Brakes
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Brakes

Check the good condition of your brakes Army Echelon motorcycle 1951 It is essential, both for your safety and for the operation of your motorcycle. Worn brakes will not only increase the chances of having an accident, but could also damage the brake discs.
You should pay special attention to the brake fluid and pads, which should never be below the minimum, and which are usually the two main reasons why problems arise with the braking system.
You should also not lose sight of the front brake lever or the rear brake pedal, which must be in perfect condition to guarantee good braking. It is important that they are well secured and not loose.

Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle Oil
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Oil

Checking the motorcycle's oil level and refilling it when necessary is one of the most important points to guarantee that your motorcycle will function perfectly and will not suffer any breakdown.
Doing it is easy, but you must know how. Checking the oil on a motorcycle is done in an identical way to that of a car, and can be done through a porthole or a dipstick. In this motorcycle article we consider that this verification may seem simple to you. However, to clear up any doubts, check it with your motorcycle's instruction manual, which you can download right here.

Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Lights or Headlights

Motorcycle Turn Signal Lights
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Turn Signal Lights

Ensuring that the lights on your motorcycle work perfectly is essential, both for your safety and comfort while driving, and to avoid possible penalties from the police, since driving the motorcycle without lights is totally prohibited.
So that nothing happens, we recommend in these previous tips that you check that they work correctly at least once a week. Look at all the lights, not just the headlights, also paying attention to the two turn signals and the brake light. If they do not work, you will have to change the lights on your motorcycle.

Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Motorcycle Spark Plugs
Matchless Army Echelon 1951 Motorcycle Spark Plugs

The spark plug is responsible for starting your motorcycle, producing the air and fuel mixture, and removing heat from the combustion chamber. It fulfills a fundamental role, which is why it is important that it is in good condition and, if not, change it for a new one.
Normally a spark plug has a useful life of about 25.000 kilometers, although this will vary depending on the motorcycle model, as well as the engine used. Changing it is not too complicated if you have minimal mechanical knowledge. On YouTube there are countless videos in which they explain to you in detail how to change the spark plug on your motorcycle. In addition, the manual that you will download will also indicate this to you.

Additional Considerations When Driving at High Speed

Brakes: It is needless to emphasize the importance of brakes, especially when driving at high speed. Check that they fit properly and work correctly.
Address: If the steering is loose, control may be lost. Check that the handlebar rotates freely but without play.
Tires: Driving at high speed puts a lot of pressure on your tires, so quality tires are crucial for safe driving. Examine their general condition, inflate them to the correct pressure and check the balance of the wheels.
Fuel type: You have enough fuel for the high consumption that occurs when driving at high speeds.
Engine oil: To prevent engine seizure and subsequent loss of control, check that the oil level is at the upper mark.
Coolant liquid: To prevent the engine from overheating, check that the coolant level is at the upper mark.
Electric equipment: Check that the headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, horn, etc. are working. work correctly.
Miscellaneous: Check that all nuts and bolts are tight and that all safety-affecting parts are in good condition.
If you still need any additional clarification, do not hesitate to contact your Matchless dealer.
Matchless constantly improves the design and quality of its motorcycles. Therefore, although this manual contains the most current information at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your motorcycle and this manual.
With all this knowledge, you should be up to date with the basic mechanics of your motorcycle. As we have already told you, take note and save this article among your favorites, as it can get you out of more than one trouble and save you a significant amount of money.
We hope this information has been useful to you. If you have any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to write your comment.
NOTE: The images are for illustrative purposes only and may not correspond to the model and make of the vehicle in question.


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3.- The password to unzip the manual is: or also: MDTNET-AUTOMX

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