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Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E Workshop Manual

CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Repair Manual
CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Workshop Manual, Download this manual to solve any failure that the 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Manufactured by CADILLAC.

Before you start repairing the gearbox CADILLAC 4T40-E and for you to download the workshop manual, we want to explain the most basic things you should take into account when repairing an automatic transmission.

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How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

Have you ever wondered how a automatic transmission make the gear changes. What happens when you stop and the engine does not turn off? If you do this in a car with a manual transmission, the engine would turn off if it is not in neutral.

Well, in a very brief way we will explain it below:

Connection between engine and automatic transmission

Your car's engine connects to the automatic transmission at the bell housing, which contains a Torque converter, instead of a clutch.

Connection between engine and automatic transmission
Connection between engine and automatic transmission

The torque converter is an element that works with the centrifugal movement of the automatic transmission fluid, which is responsible, through the pressure generated by the transmission oil, for generating the movement in the turbine of the automatic transmission.

As is well known, as with car brakes, fluid is used to generate pressure and therefore movement.

Due to the characteristics of the automatic transmission fluid By generating circular force on the pump, it rotates and passes the automatic transmission fluid through the directional propellers of the turbine, which generates pressure on it.

Automatic transmission gears

We already informed you how the engine delivers power to the transmission, now it is time to understand how the automatic transmission performs the functions. gear changes.

Automatic transmission gears
Automatic transmission gears

In the case of automatic transmissions with Torque converter, it is the latter that is responsible for generating the movements of the gears with pressure.

By generating this pressure, it activates the clutch and the planetary gears.

When the automatic transmission fluid rotates and begins to build pressure, it creates chambers that have different pressures.

When volume increases or decreases, a unit of hydraulic control sends signals, through various clutches and brake bands, to change the gear ratio, and if necessary, block the torque converter.

Automatic transmissions in cars have evolved over the years and will continue to do so based on the needs of car users, but we will continue to explain how the systems work.
We recommend that you watch the following video so that in a more detailed and visual way you can understand the operation of an automatic gearbox.

Maintenance of the CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission

Maintenance of the CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission
Maintenance of the CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission

Maintaining the automatic transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E It is a part of vehicle maintenance that is often forgotten or, worse, intentionally avoided.

As with many things related to automatic gearboxes, maintenance is not the relatively simple task that maintaining an engine is, and it can scare a lot of people (including mechanics).

Automatic gearboxes, like manual gearboxes, require maintenance. They have hydraulic oil what to do change when recommended by the manufacturer. And although this maintenance may seem very simple, if we do not do this check well, that is when problems and breakdowns will appear.

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Preventive Maintenance Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E
Preventive Maintenance Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E

El "Preventive Maintenance" or also known as «Automatic transmission tuning» It is a service that must be provided to all vehicles every 25,000 thousand kilometers or at least once a year, is one of the crucial cares for the good and prolonged functioning of a vehicle.

Just as it is so important to tune up your vehicle's engine by changing the oil and filter every time. 10,000 or 15,000 kilometers (in relation to the type of oil and car), the same is for automatic transmissions.

Automatic transmissions work by transmitting engine power to the tires through the oil pressure generated by the tire.

This oil also lubricates the mechanical parts and cools the transmission. Over time and use, the oil becomes contaminated and deteriorates, which is why, just like the engine, adequate preventive maintenance service is necessary for your Automatic Transmission.

It is important to provide this service so that there is a good state of internal lubrication as well as the calibration of the changes for optimal operation, and above all to prolong the life and increase the performance of your automatic transmission. CADILLAC 4T40-E.

Steps to perform tuning or maintenance on the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic transmission

Remove the Automatic Transmission Carter.

Remove Automatic Transmission Carter CADILLAC 4T40-E

Drain the oil and remove the filter, both disposed of under hazardous waste regulations.

Drain Automatic Transmission Oil CADILLAC 4T40-E

Flushing and internal cleaning of the automatic transmission, removing burrs and residue generated by wear and use of the oil.

Perform cleaning and flushing of the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic transmission

Install new Carter filter and gasket (Only for vehicle models where applicable).

Change and install Gasket and Filter of the Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E

Add new oil based on the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Put new oil in the CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission

Perform electronic monitoring tests and correct error codes. (As long as they are not generated by failures in the automatic transmission that require repair or replacement of parts).

Perform monitoring tests on the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic transmission

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Monitoring of hydraulic pressures.

Perform pressure tests on the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic transmission

Advantages and benefits when performing Preventive Maintenance on the Automatic Transmission

  • Prevents damage to the internal parts of automatic transmission, causing failures or total damage to it.
  • Extends the life of the Transmission based on correct operation.
  • Avoid sudden changes in speed, both up and down.
  • Keeps hydraulic and mechanical systems properly lubricated.
  • Premature damage to the Transmission operating system is minimized, which in turn leads to major repairs that could eventually affect its economy.

Repair faults in the CADILLAC 4T40-E box

It is important that when inspecting the vehicle, not only the engine is checked. It is essential to remember that the automatic gearbox must also be checked: the engine block is different from the transmission; They are two components that, although they go together, use different oils.

Check the automatic transmission oil CADILLAC 4T40-E
Check the automatic transmission oil CADILLAC 4T40-E

These gearboxes have a hydraulic oil called ATF. Its function is to lubricate the Gear that is inside, but it also helps to carry out the gear changes when it passes through pieces called solenoid valves.

It is important to know this, since the maintenance of CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic gearboxes is based on changing this oil. Typically, manufacturers indicate that You have to change it approximately every 100.000 kilometers and, along with the hydraulic oil, the oil filter must also be replaced.

The most common problem with the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic gearbox is the degradation of this oil. Over time it loses its lubricating properties, and it also becomes dirty.

When it stops lubricating, the gearbox inside becomes damaged since the mechanical parts They rub against each other more and more and their wear increases.

Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Malfunctions CADILLAC 4T40-E

  • The first symptoms that there is a fault in the CADILLAC 4T40-E automatic gearbox are that the car starts to make changes when it should not or does not make them at all.
  • The car revs excessively and it does not go to the next gear (a control unit is responsible for this), or it remains in a very high gear and does not reduce. In this case, a red warning light will light up on the instrument panel indicating the failure of the automatic transmission or a yellow gear. This occurs when the oil begins to get dirty and the valve box (also called Mechatronic) gets stuck, a fairly common breakage in automatic gearboxes.
  • Automatic transmission starts to kick, that is to say; When you make the automatic change from one speed to another you will feel as if you are hitting metal and you will feel the car jerking.
  • Feeling the change of speed The transmission has slippage in all gears.
  • Poor acceleration at low speeds.
  • The box does not change gears.
  • It does not change speed and is neutralized.
Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E Workshop Manual
Automatic Transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E Workshop Manual

Consequences of automatic transmission failure

If you do not maintain your automatic transmission or perform periodic service, its failure will cause other vehicle systems to also begin to operate incorrectly and you will have to check them as well. If this has already happened to you, it will be important that you check the following in your vehicle:

Failure in the brake pads or linings

You will have to review the brake pads, since automatic cars wear them out more.

This is because, unlike the manual transmission, with which we can play more with the engine braking by going in a lower gear, with automatic transmissions this is not as effective. For this reason, the manufacturers decided to mount oversized brakes in this type of cars.

Automatic gearboxes are normally seen in the most luxurious and powerful cars because cars with less engines cannot support this type of mechanics.

If we talk about a smaller car being automatic, we are actually talking about a robotic shift, which have a control unit that manages servomotors that change gears instead of the driver.

That's why it's called automatic, although it really isn't. In this case, the oil used is the valve, which is the same as manual cars and is different from the hydraulic oil that we mentioned previously.

What is the Cost to Repair a CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission?

The price for changing a broken automatic transmission for a new one can rise up to 80 thousand Mexican Pesos ($4000 dollars) plus the cost of labor. However, it is normal for them to be repaired and this causes the price to drop by between 10 thousand pesos ($500 dollars) to 20 thousand pesos ($1000 dollars).

Therefore, as we always emphasize that it is better to carry out the maintenance that your car needs, the life of your car will be much longer if you do the inspections when they are due. It is a gesture that will allow you to be safer behind the wheel and that can save you a lot of money in the long term.

CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Spare Parts and Parts

CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Spare Parts and Parts
CADILLAC 4T40-E Automatic Transmission Spare Parts and Parts

With these Workshop manual to solve faults in a automatic transmission CADILLAC 4T40-E You will have the opportunity to know all the parts that make up said gearbox as well as how to change them, among all the information you will know the parts like

  • Gaskets and Gaskets
  • Paste and steel transmission discs
  • Filters for Automatic Box
  • Automatic transmission harness
  • Standard
  • Solenoids
  • switches
  • Sprags
  • Servo Pistons
  • Bomb
  • Valve Body
  • Drums
  • Bells
  • Planetariums
  • Turbines
Components of an Automatic Transmission Box
Components of an Automatic Transmission Box



  1. Download the only rar file that weighs about 2.1 GB
  2. Unzip using Winrar, which you can download for free by clicking here
  3. Extraction Password: MDTNET-AUTOMX
  4. You will get an ISO image file that you will have to mount with a virtual drive.
  5. Perform the normal installation like any program in Windows, you will need to have administrator permissions.
  6. Enjoy the Manual to repair automatic boxes.

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