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💿 AUTODATA Full Version Download FREE and also AUTODATA for ANDROID

AUTODATA Full Version FREE Download 🏅 - Repair Manuals
AUTODATA Full Version, Download completely FREE, this automotive software, which includes valuable information for repairing cars and trucks for all makes of cars.

Table of Contents

Auto data Download Free


El autodata program includes Technical information from more than 142 manufacturers covering more than 34 models, Includes 000% of vehicles on the market, More than 99 electrical diagrams
600 detailed technical procedures for each car model.

Free Automotive Autodata


Download autodata 3.40 free
AutoData Download



Autodata Download
Autodata Online Pirate

With these Car Repair and Service Manuals you will be able to resolve the following questions:

1.- How to time the engine?
2.- How to perform an engine tune-up?
3.- How to change the battery?
4.- How to change and identify a damaged fuse?
5.- How to Change Distribution Band?
6.- How to change brakes and pads?
7.- How to repair suspension and change shock absorbers?
8.- How to solve automatic or manual transmission box failure?
9.- How to configure a car control and security key?


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This compendium includes manuals for all car models from all car manufacturers in the world in their different versions and types.



Timing Belt Change – AUTO DATA Automotive

Download Autodata 3.40 full and in Spanish – full version
Free Online Autodata

Likewise, with these manuals you will have important information to be able to repair faults in any model of the brand, since they include well-defined diagrams and schemes.

Review guides – AUTODATA

Some of the actions that you can apply with these manuals to repair your car will be:

Resetting the service interval indicator

    1. air conditioning maintenance
    2. Maintenance procedures
    3. Replacing timing belts/chains
    4. Deactivating the electric parking brake (EPB)
    5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    6. Battery
    7. key programming
    8. Vehicle lift mode
    9. Technical Specifications
    10. Tires, brakes and wheel alignment
    11. Liquids, lubricants and tightening torques
    12. Repair times




Engine Information – AUTODATA

AutoData for individuals
AutoData free manuals

These manuals also include all the characteristics of the engines where you can correctly understand their operation and be able to achieve more precise repairs.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting – AUTODATA

These Manuals will help you repair the fault or breakdown that the car is experiencing, below we list the information that you will have access to:

  • Electrical diagrams, fuse and relay boxes
  • Troubleshooting using fault codes
  • Control module terminal data
  • Location of electrical components
  • Component testing
  • Troubleshooting and information car repair
  • Brake change
  • Information about vehicle systems and their repair
  • Engine management
  • Clutches
  • Diesel engine exhaust gas post-treatment
  • ABS / ESP
  • airbags
  • Air conditioning




Service and Maintenance – AUTODATA

Autodata Download Free
Auto data download

Many car breakdowns occur due to not being careful with service and maintenance times. These oversights cause some of the systems to begin to fail, and they can range from something very simple to something very complex.

Also in this section of the program you will have access to verify:

  • Replacing timing belts/chains
  • Deactivating the electric parking brake
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • key programming
  • Disconnecting and connecting the battery

With these automotive program which includes all car brands, you will keep in mind at what times and at what mileage you have to perform maintenance on your car.

Review Guides – AUTODATA

Within the Review Guides section you can consult a lot of information that will mainly help you know:

  • Manufacturer Review Programs
  • review illustrations
  • Service interval indicator
  • air conditioning maintenance
  • Motor oil
  • Transmission maintenance
  • brake service



How to Download AutoData Free

If you are looking for how to download autodata 2016 free full crack in Spanish You are in the perfect place, first of all we inform you that you will not need any crack since the version that you are about to download is already installed in a virtual machine that you will only have to download, unzip and use directly the latest version of the Free Automotive AutoData, therefore:

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  1. Download the 2 RAR files and click on file 1 to decompress

How to Install AutoData 3.40 and 3.45

With the following instructions you can install autodata 3.40 and 3.45 on Windows 7, Windows 10 and even Windows 11, since we integrate AutoData into a virtual machine that runs on any Windows, therefore you can have AutoData Online Free on your same PC.

  1. You need to download the VMWARE program by clicking here.
  2. Enter the extraction password which is: or MDTNET-AUTOMX
  3. Install the VMWARE program on your computer with the option of personal and non-commercial use.
  4. Already installed, initial and click open virtual machine, go to the folder where you saved the downloaded files and select the AutoData Virtual Machine.

Images of the Virtual Machine in Action:

Download AutoData for Windows 10 for free
Autodata Software Download


Band or Distribution Chain Changes - AutoData
Download Autodata for Windows 11


Autodata Free For PC

Brake System - AutoData
Free Autodata Software


Download Autodata Latest version for free, The version you are about to download is the most current and can be installed for free on your PC

Download Autodata latest version Spanish
Download Free AutoData Automotive Program in Spanish
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Download AautoData 3.40 free and 3.45





Autodata Online Free in Spanish for Android

Now you are searching download autodata for android free, we also share for free auto data android which is the AutoData Automotive PDF application, it is the version portable autodata.

Android pirated autodata
Autodata 3.40 for Android

Autodata software as a leading tool in the automotive industry that offers detailed technical information for vehicle maintenance and repair is also available autodata 3.40 android.

The provides accurate and up-to-date data for more than 34,000 vehicle models from more than 142 manufacturers, making it a one-stop solution for automotive mechanics and technicians.

Free online autodata for Android

As for the Autodata for Android, this mobile version offers all the features of the original software, but with the added advantage of being able to take it anywhere.

With Autodata for Android, you'll be able to access the same detailed technical vehicle information, including maintenance and repair procedures, electrical and wiring diagrams, tuning values, and much more, from the convenience of your mobile device.

AutoData Android

Additionally, the mobile version also features real-time updates, ensuring that users always have access to the most up-to-date information.

In short, Autodata for Android is the perfect tool for auto mechanics and technicians who need accurate, up-to-date information while in the shop or on the road.

Download Autodata Free for Android

Auto Data portable is an application for Android that includes the technical specifications of the car. Contains technical data of the 54 most popular brands in the world. Each brand has models, generations, modifications and a list of technical data.

The database is updated daily. Almost all generations and modifications are represented with images.
The application is in 14 languages:
- Bulgaria
- English
- Russia
- German
- Italian
- French
- Spanish
– Greek
– Turkish
– Romanian
– Finnish
– Swedish
- Norway
– Polish

It is an ideal app for every automobile enthusiast.

AutoData Android Full APK Spanish


📱 Install APK on Android

  1. Toca
  2. Toca Install.
  3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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