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MERCURY Mountaineer 2007 Owner's Manual in Free PDF

Download MERCURY Mountaineer 2007 User Manual in PDF Free
Download Mercury Mountaineer 2007 User Manual. Completely know how your car works, as well as its important functions and features. With this manual you will understand its controls as well as how and when to maintain it to keep it in perfect condition so that you can enjoy many kilometers or miles of pleasant driving.

Many times when a used car is sold, the first owner does not deliver the Owner's Manual and this action is an error of responsibility on the part of the owners, it is very important that users who buy used cars also have the Car Owner Manuals.

We are going to eradicate this act because we have started to collect the owner's manuals and mostly in PDF format so that you can have the Owner's Manual for your 2007 Mercury Mountaineer and that you can download for free.

Table of Contents

2007 Mercury Mountaineer Owner's Manual

Owner's Manuals for Mercury Cars
Owner's Manuals for Mercury Cars

This User manual for 2007 Mercury Mountaineer It includes all the information about the car and will help you fully understand its operation and includes information on all the important systems that keep the 2007 Mountaineer running at its best.

Before driving your Mountaineer, read this Driver's Manual carefully. Since it will familiarize you with the controls and maintenance requirements, allowing you to use the vehicle safely.

Importance of the User Manual

2007 Mountaineer Owner's Manual
2007 Mountaineer Owner's Manual

Without a doubt, the User Manual is very important since if you have a fault or if you feel that something is wrong with the vehicle, the first thing you should do is consult this manual, since in many cases you will be able to identify what is wrong. He is presenting the car.

From download the Mountaineer 2007 manual It will be important that you print it and leave it inside the glove compartment of the car or, if applicable, keep the manual in PDF format on your cell phone, since if you ever need to consult it you can do so immediately.


User Guide for Mountaineer 2007

Read 2007 Mountaineer Owner's Manual
Read 2007 Mountaineer Owner's Manual

The owner's manual is the guide that the user must follow, since it includes specific instructions to identify all the characteristics of the car and how to operate it. This information is what the manufacturer Mercury gives to the owners to know 100% of the entire car. .


2007 Mountaineer Owner's Manual

We will give you a brief explanation of the content of the owner's manual for the 2007 Mountaineer and all the topics that you can consult to get the best performance out of it and take advantage of all the functions that this important Car offers you.

This manual includes information on all options available on this model. Consequently, you may find information that does not apply to your vehicle. That is to say, this owner's manual is designed for all versions of the 2007 Mountaineer, from the simplest to the most equipped.

General Index of the Contents of the Manual

  • Illustrated table of contents
  • Safety: seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system
  • Instruments and controls
  • Checks and adjustments prior to driving
  • Monitor, climate, air conditioning, audio, telephone and voice recognition systems
  • Starting and driving
  • In case of emergency
  • Appearance and care
  • Maintenance and preventive recommendations
  • Technical information for the consumer


2007 Mountaineer Dashboard Witnesses

Witnesses are tools that can be found in light, sound, mechanical and measuring ways on vehicle dashboards; They are currently characterized by being digital and dependent on an intelligent system or computer that processes all the vehicle information. The User Manual for Mercury Mountaineer 2007 The description of all witnesses is included and you will be able to identify and use them correctly.

2007 Mountaineer Dashboard Indicators and Witnesses
2007 Mountaineer Dashboard Indicators and Witnesses
    1. front fog light
    2. Direction warning lights
    3. rear fog light
    4. Low windshield washer fluid level
    5. Brake pad warning
    6. active cruise control
    7. Turn signal indicator
    8. Rain and light sensor
    9. winter mode
    10. Maintenance indicator
    11. Diesel glow plug/preheating plug
    12. Caution ice
    13. Caution start switch
    14. No key in the vehicle
    15. Key battery low
    16. Distance warning
    17. Clutch pedal pressure
    18. Brake pedal pressure
    19. Steering lock warning
    20. road lights
    21. Low tire pressure
    22. Side light information
    23. Exterior light failure
    24. Brake light in poor condition
    25. diesel particulate filter
    26. Trailer
    27. air suspension
    28. Lane abandonment
    29. Catalytic converter warning
    30. Seat belt not adjusted
    31. parking light
    32. Battery/alternator warning
    33. Parking assistant
    34. Maintenance
    35. Adaptive spotlights
    36. Spotlight range control
    37. Rear spoiler
    38. Ceiling assistance
    39. Airbag
    40. Hand brake
    41. Water in fuel
    42. Airbag deactivated
    43. Morization failure
    44. Dim the lights due to the presence of another vehicle
    45. dirty air filter
    46. Ecological management
    47. Hill descent control
    48. Temperature warning
    49. ABS
    50. Defective fuel filter
    51. Open door
    52. open hood
    53. Low fuel level
    54. Problems in the box Automatic
    55. Speed ​​limit
    56. Shock absorber failure
    57. Open trunk
    58. Low oil pressure
    59. Windshield defogger
    60. Stability control disabled
    61. rear defroster
    62. Rain Sensor
    63. engine trouble
    64. Wiper washer



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Automotive Fuses for Cars, Cars and Motorcycles
Automotive Fuses for Cars, Cars and Motorcycles
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  • Easy installation: Color coded with amp rating carved into the top for quick identification, clear housings to view link status, and quick detection of a blown fuse. Installation: Turn off the ignition switch, open the fuse box cover, replace the broken fuse.
  • Free Fuse Puller: Fuse puller is included in the mini fuse box, makes replacing the fuse easier and faster.


2007 Mountaineer Fuse Box

La fuse box It is a set of parts that are part of the vehicle's electrical security system. The 2007 Mountaineer has multiple electrical components that turn on and work from electricity. The electrical source of our vehicles, that is, the battery, not only fulfills the function of generating the ignition of the engine but also powers other components such as the lights, the dashboard, the windshield wiper, among others.

2007 Mountaineer Fuse Box
2007 Mountaineer Fuse Box

Each of these elements are powered by the electrical source of our car, however, electricity is not always completely reliableIt has never happened to you that you have an electrical device and it burns due to a sudden dip and rise in light, well the same thing can happen in the car. The Mountaineer, having metallic elements, can conduct electricity and, due to energy transmissibility, transfer that overload to the electrical elements.

That overload can damage it, and make our pockets hurt.. The fuse box prevents these types of events, since they serve as a bridge between the electricity control and the element that is electrically powered. When it senses a high current that exceeds its tolerance, it burns and becomes useless, which breaks the electrical bridge. and therefore the passage of energy.

In the Owner's Manual You can consult this information on how many and what types of fuses the 2007 Mercury Mountaineer has, as well as what electrical system it protects.


Where is the fuse box?

Most cars have two fuse boxes.: one located to the left under the steering wheel and the other in the engine compartment on the right side. The internal fuse box is at the height of the driver's knee, under the steering wheel on the left side.

Where are the fuses on the 2007 Mountaineer?
Where are the fuses on the 2007 Mountaineer?

Access to the internal fuse box is somewhat complicated and even more so when it is necessary to replace a damaged fuse or look for a fault in this box, since you have to stand upside down or lie on your back on the floor next to the pedals and pedals. feet out of the car, to put my head in and be able to work. The internal fuse box cover requires pressure to be applied to the plastic latches in order to remove and open it.

Under the hood:

To access this box just open the hood and it is easily accessibleWith one hand, press the locks and remove the cover to access its fuses and relays. Instead, the engine fuse box is next to the battery, which is located to the right of the hood compartment.

Each box has its corresponding lid on which the names of the electrical circuits that these fuses protect have been labeled, as well as their amperage and location within each box.

Mercury engine
Mercury engine

2007 Mountaineer Fuse Ratings

In this User Manual for Mountaineer 2007 You will find the classification of fuses that is quite friendly when it comes to identifying them, since they have a color identification system, just as you read it by color, that is, what if the color of a fuse is yellow or red Will they have different tolerances? The answer is yes, Depending on the color there will be different electrical tolerances, then we name them.

Types of 2007 Mountaineer Fuses
Types of 2007 Mountaineer Fuses
      • Red: 10 amp tolerance.
      • Blue: 15 amp tolerance.
      • Yellow: 20 amp tolerance.
      • Green: 30 amp tolerance.
      • Orange: 40 amp tolerance.

Additional Note:

The 40A orange fuse is the general fuse for the car's electrical circuits, and when damaged it leaves all of the car's circuitry without power. In the case of high current fuses, 40A for example, the pink color is used and the shape of the fuse changes to a square section instead of flat and elongated as in the case of the orange 40A fuse. The 40A fuse is not the only pink one, since the same pink color is used for currents of 50A and 60A.

2007 Mercury Mountaineer Mileage Maintenance Chart

If you are looking to have your Mercury Mountaineer in the best condition and for a long time, you must first know what the automotive preventive maintenance. With this User Manual you will learn to review the maintenance table by mileage, which has all the instructions that you must perform on your car when it reaches the indicated mileage. In the manual you will also be able to review what the dashboard indicators, lights, What is the correct tire pressure, how to correctly replace a tire, to name a few.

2007 Mercury Mountaineer Maintenance Manual
2007 Mercury Mountaineer Maintenance Manual

El 2007 Mountaineer preventive maintenance It consists of a series of inspections that are carried out over a certain period of time to reduce the probability of failures or wear that would require an expensive repair of the vehicle.

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Do not hesitate to read this user manual first to keep your car in optimal conditions since you will be able to know in general terms several actions that will prevent your car from breaking down.

Within this manual you will learn several specific instructions that the Mercury manufacturer recommends to provide good Preventive Maintenance including:

Major changes for 2007 Mountaineer

      • Motor oil: every three months or 5.000 kilometers.
      • Oil filter: every 5.000 kilometers.
      • Change the air filter, do it every two months, as part of the major tuning.
      • Tire pressure: Fill them to the indicated pressure, rotate the tires the first time after 15.000 kilometers, and then every 10.000 kilometers.

Recommended revisions for 2007 Mountaineer

      • Shock absorbers: It is necessary to check whether they are worn or leaking, in which case they must be replaced, always in pairs.
      • Antifreeze: It is important to check it weekly.
      • Battery every time the oil is changed.
      • Headlights: Inspect the cabin lights, guides, and turn signals.
      • Power steering fluid: at least once a month, and fill it as soon as it reaches its level. The pump and hoses should also be checked for leaks.
      • Brake fluid: once a month to detect if there are leaks.

Although many revisions and part changes tend to have a similar time, there are particularities of each brand and model. Obviously the manual gives you the recommendations for the 2007 Mountaineer, so we always recommend checking the manual and the recommendations made by the Mercury manufacturer.

Which is the automotive preventive maintenance at six months?

      • Engine oil and filter
      • Bands and straps
      • Battery
      • Escape
      • Power steering fluid
      • Automatic transmission fluid
      • Chassis lubrication
      • Lights
      • Engine ignition lights
      • Hoses

When the vehicle has traveled more than 9.000 kilometers, this User Guide recommends checking the brakes, chassis lubrication, coolant, spark plugs and fuel filter in addition to the other checks mentioned previously.

 We remind you that you can Download Car Manuals of all brands


INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD 2007 Mercury Mountaineer Owner's Manual


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2.- The file is compressed, you will need WinRar to decompress which you can Get it for free by clicking here.

3.- The password to unzip the manual is: or also: MDTNET-AUTOMX

4.- Also to be able to view the PDF file you will have to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF file reader and you can download it for free at the following link: CLICK to Download PDF reader program

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